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Digital Marketers with 25 Years Experience
Adnet is a Global performance-based Internet Marketing Company servicing many of the World’s Largest Email and Display Marketers.
Our skilled team has vast experience in creating and managing custom campaigns across high volume email and display marketing channels. Our experience enables us to deliver extraordinary results to our clients while maintaining the highest performance standards for our publishers. At the foundation of every action taken by AdNet is an unwavering commitment to the integrity of our clients and publishers.
AdNet is an end to end email monetization platform that empowers industry leading email publishers to achieve the highest yields from their data and delivery efforts. AdNet provides everything you need from proprietary high yield offers, broad vertical coverage, optimized creative, and in depth real-time reporting. You have enough challenges ensuring your email delivery, so let AdNet simplify your offer management and empower you to focus on maximizing your data value.

Cari Birkner VP, Publisher Development

Ian Moir Business Development

Ryan Waldeck Senior Affiliate Manager


what we do

Proprietary Offer Monetization Strategies
The AdNet platform currently maintains an extensive range of proprietary high yield offers covering most list segments.
In addition we are working with our top partners to ad unique offers that deliver fresh opportunities for your audience base. If you have a niche vertical that’s missing the right offer, let AdNet build you a custom campaign to meet your data needs. As with most marketing, you’ll obtain the best results if you target your audience appropriately, driving engagement and ultimately campaign performance.
AdNet has developed a proprietary offer flow that delivers superior results. What makes AdNet different is how we deliver high intent consumers to the industries top advertisers. Often times flooding an advertiser with low intent clickers can lead to wasted resources and an overall bad impression as a low performance traffic source. These sources are often quickly discarded by most advertisers. We asked ourselves, why make the advertiser feel like they are trying find a needle in a haystack. We’ve seen the best ROI’s come from advertiser’s getting a taste for high quality traffic and ultimately wanting more of it. By delivering superior results to our advertisers, the value ultimately passes down into industry leading payouts for our publishers. Each offer is designed to specifically balance customer intent and total offer performance. We’ve also simplified the performance process as our advanced tracking system enables us to place a value on a simple first page action.

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  • 427 N. Tatnall St. #52146 Wilmington, DE 19801 USA
    Mailing address : P.O. Box 29502 Las Vegas, NV 89126-9502

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