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Adnet opens a new office in Kelowna, Canada.

Adnet is proud to be part of The Innovation Centre in Kelowna, BC. We align with the Centre’s goal to help advance Canada’s “most innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial technology community.”

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At Adnet, we’re a team of technology geeks, marketing experts, sales leaders, and content creators who craft platforms designed to help brands better connect with consumers. Our solutions match shoppers with the right products and services at the right time while maximizing our clients’ marketing spend and core and residual revenue.

Conceived in 2013 and officially established in 2017, The Innovation Centre, in conjunction with the Canadian government, strives to make the Central Okanagan region one of the nation’s most important technology hubs. Given our rapid growth and focus on cutting edge technology to achieve our mission, it’s perfect timing for Adnet to become part of the Innovation Centre. We’re excited to be a member of this burgeoning community of like-minded tech companies with the shared goals of serving our customers as well as our regions’ needs.


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